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Selwyn Howatson Equestrian Arenas Selwyn Howatson Equestrian Arenas

We have experience in various equine services
from stable bases to outdoor arenas.

Following a site visit and discussions of clients requirements we can evaluate how we could construct an arena at a reasonable cost.

We would excavate a site and cut and fill as needed to create a level area. We would also use any excess fill, to landscape surrounding areas.

Cut and Fill SiteCut and Fill Site



We normally use 360º excavators to dig and compact the soil, along with our dumpers to manouver the fill. Should we come accross any rock, we have the machinery to deal with that too.

Breaking RockBreaking Rock




Preparing Site
Since every site will be slightly different, we will adjust as needed, to varying soil and landscape types.

Once the site has been prepared, construction can begin.......


Fencing, Kick Boards and Gates

Fencing, kick boards and gates would now be erected to your requirements, some clients before now have just wanted kick boards alone.

Upon assessing the landscape and deciding if drainage is necessary, we would install an adequate drainage system.

Drainage SystemsHerringbone drainage systems would appear to be the best system, as collected water to be dispersed more efficiently.

But, depending on the types of ground, the herringbone drainage system is not always necessary.

A layer of clean stone will be laid, to aid drainage, followed by the membrane layer.
Clean Stone LayerMembrane Layer





The final stages of the construction would be a layer over the membrane (usually sand, but flexi-ride arenas will vary) and the topping of your choice. Further to the completion of the arena, we would carry out all reinstatement and landscaping etc.
Sand Base LayerTopping of your choice


Selwyn Howatson Plant Hire and General Contractor


Cut and Fill Site Cut and Fill Site Breaking Rock Breaking Rock Preparing Site Fencing, Kick Boards and Gates Drainage Systems Clean Stone Layer Membrane Layer Sand Base Layer Topping of your choice